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We want to say a massive – Yes lads! to The (mighty) Reytons for their absolutely stellar debut album – Kids Off the Estate. This is musical craft, in-it-for-the-long-haul graft, northern songwriting at its finest.

The album is a love letter to a working-class South Yorkshire, a collection of soaring and stinging anthemic slices of life – the everyday, the underdogs and the underbelly. And we just love it!

And yes, we are beaming with pride because Reytons lead guitarist, Joe O’Brien, was a member of Rotherham Young Writers from the tender age of 13 to a veteran 19. We like to think all he got up to in the network has had some influence on his creative path. It certainly uncovered what a brilliant poet he is (we recall him winning a festival slam aged 16).

Speaking of which, we have a songwriting competition coming up with Joe! (for 14-19s in South Yorkshire who aren’t in an established band) Pens at the ready…watch this space…

There’s something else in the pipeline too but we think that would be way too much excitement for one day 🙂 Once again, we can’t say enough about how great this album is, and how much we think you should have a listen – authentic, unfiltered, and brimmed full of heart and grit, just how we like it.

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