Spoken word & poetry workshop Burngreave

Free spoken word & poetry workshops – for young people 12-15yrs
in Burngreave and nearby areas of Sheffield
10.30-12.30pm fortnightly Saturdays
start 2nd Feb 2019 at Burngreave Library (16th Feb 2nd March etc..)

All welcome. Relaxed and fun. Poetry, beats, rhythm, lyrics whatever you’re into! Run by writer & singer, Danae Wellington (Nyara Collective) for young people (12-15yrs) in the Burngreave and surrounding areas of Sheffield. Either drop in the library or email Danae nyaracreativecollective@gmail.com

Also look out for free February Film Fridays cinema for young people & workshops for 14-19s from Nyara Creative Collective
Facebook: /NyaraCreative Instagram: /NyaraCreative

Download flyer here. Find out more about the project here.
Nyara Creative Collective supported by Hive South Yorkshire, SOAR & Burngreave Library

The Burngreave culture cinema and creative writing workshops come comes to you courtesy of young poet and singer, Danae Wellington (Nyara Creative Collective), working in partnership with Hive South Yorkshire’s Hatch programme, Brungreave Library (Soar), and Cinema For All.