Hive festival coverage from Write Radio!

The wonderful crew at Sheffield Live Fm’s Write Radio – Sez Thomasin, Wilson and Spleeny – have produced a wonderful show around Hive Young Writers Festival that took place on 14th April 2018 with lots of great interviews and performances from young writers they found milling around on the day. Check out the part 1 and 2 links broadcast on Friday 11th May here. And if it’s disappeared into the ether, you can relisten below! Big warm thanks to the Write Radio crew for coming along and picking up some fab sound bites, poems and the general good vibes of the day! And do go and check out Sheffield Live for all kinds of great shows.

The show features words from Eloise Unerman, Fionn McClouskey, Johny A, Dom Heslop (Devoted 1), Beth Davies, Kirsten Luckins (Apples & Snakes), Molly Ridley, Salma Lynch, Isaac Stovell, Jazz Walton, Jess Connelly & more, with shout outs to Gorilla Poetry, Suzannah Evans Confusion Species and others!
Part 1

Part 2