Louisa Rhodes – Streetcake Prize Winner

Hive young writer Louisa Rhodes has been chosen by Jarred Mcginnis as 4th place winner in Streetcake’s Experimental Writing Prize (18-23 category) for her story heaven.exe_/run/. The announcement was made at Streetcake’s Awards ceremony on Zoom last week. Louisa’s story, along with all the other winners, is published in Streetcake’s Experimental Writing Prize anthology 2020, and available now We’re delighted! Congratulations, Louisa!

Louisa Rhodes is a member of the Hive network and an alumnus of Sheffield Young Writers. She writes fiction and poetry and has won or been highly commended in several competitions over the last few years. She’s had work published in various anthologies including Hive’s Halfway Smile & Surfing the Twilight.

2020 judges and mentors:

Sascha Akhtar (ages 18-23)
Astra Papachristodoulou (ages 24-30)
​Jarred McGinnis (ages 18-23)
Nik Perring (ages 24-30)

“Streetcake are the archetypal best of the UK’s innovative and literary poetry scene – magazine and platform who have been tireless in their support of new and upcoming writers for over a decade. Their consistency and singularity have made them a go to publication for 21st century UK poets, offering encouragement where it’s needed.” SJ Fowler, patron