Mixing Roots Anthology – Call for submissions

Showcasing the voices of emerging young women writers of colour

We are delighted to announce we will be open for submissions of poetry and flash/short fiction until 29th Nov2022 – from new, aspiring and emerging young women writers of colour, aged 15 to 30, for our first full-length Mixing Roots anthology. Submissions will be read and selected by Sheffield Poet Laureate, Warda Yassin.

To submit
We welcome submissions from new, aspiring, emerging or established young woman writers of colour, aged 15 to 30, and living, based, or with a term address in the North of England and the Midlands (as defined in this map)

Send up to 3 pieces of poetry and/or flash/short fiction to mixingroots@hivesouthyorkshire.com anytime before 29th Nov 2022. Poems can be up to 40 lines each, and short fiction pieces up to 500 words each. Work can be previously published but please state where. You can send separate submissions but be sure to include at the bottom of each submission document: full name | age | date of birth | address | email | mobile | details of where published if relevant (Word or .rtf documents only)

There are no themes or styles favoured, we’re just looking for great, original writing, and authentic voices. We understand that for some, this might be your first time submitting to a print anthology. Don’t worry, have a go! Just take your time getting your work the best it can be. You’ll find a range of writing prompts, tips and resources over on our recent competition page. For inspiring examples of great writing, there are tons of resources and websites online such as some great flash fiction websites here, and an extensive archive of great poems at andotherpoems.com

Have fun and I look forward to hearing from you!
Warda 🙂

(Also, if you’re interested in online poetry workshops as a young woman of colour based in the north of England, please also drop us a line at: mixingroots@hivesouthyorkshire.com with your name, age, date of birth and location so we can let you know when we have opportunities to share).

About Mixing Roots
The Mixing Roots project was set up in 2019 by poet Warda Yassin with the support of Hive. It exists to encourage and support the creative development of young women writers of colour  – new, aspiring and emerging. Over the last few years, four Mixing Roots programmes have been delivered and several pamphlet publications produced. This 2022 Mixing Roots anthology will be the first book-length anthology from the project celebrating a wide range of voices of colour from across the north.

Warda Yassin is a British Somali poet and English teacher. She was awarded the Women Poets’ Prize 2020/21 and became Sheffield Poet Laureate in the same year. Warda writes about her experiences as a British Somali and about her heritage and community and in 2018 was a winner of the New Poets Prize. Her debut pamphlet Tea with Cardamom came out with The Poetry Business in 2019. Warda has been a part of the South Yorkshire writers network (now Hive) for many years and recognises from her own experience, how writing networks can support young writers to reach their potential.