The Silent Disease by Ilona Galloway-Dutton

A stunning piece of realism, examining the effects of lockdown on family – each generation with their own sets of problems.

Just like that it had been decided, well, not really. It had taken a year of saving, two weeks trying to work up the courage to entertain the idea. A week of clambering courage to announce to Mum her grand scheme.  Leaving Sheffield, leaving normality. Little did she know she would crave the offerings of the Moor further down the line, the hustle and bustle of familiarity. It was inevitable that longing for home would be there for the first couple of months, she hadn’t envisaged she would need it to be an emotion a few years away.

Our Streets Unmasked commissioned seven stories in three parts, asking young and emerging writers to write pieces that reflected the changing faces, real and imagined, of the places we live as they took off their masks and woke from their lockdown slumber. Notebook in hand, writers visited their chosen location on three dates to gather inspiration for their three-part story conjuring often surreal and magical changes within them. All commissioned writers received advice, editorial guidance and a small fee. More about Our Streets Unmasked here.