Speak Your Truth to Power

Who or what has power over you and what do you want to say to them?

This simple but vital question is at the heart of performance and digital theatre project – Truth to Power Café – and we’re delighted to be working with them this autumn via Rotherham’s Children’s Capital of Culture!

If you’re a young person in Rotherham aged 14 to 25, we’d love you to share your response with us – to speak your truth to power. We’ll be doing some workshops in schools, or you can come to a Hive writing workshop, or send us your answer to this question in writing or via video.

Whatever way you want to communicate your truth, we’d LOVE to hear from you, and where you’d find it helpful, we can support you to get out what you want to say.

Truth to Power Café happens all over the world but this Rotherham café is aimed at – young people aged 14 to 25 – it’s YOU we want to hear from.

Work from the project will be published in a Truth to Power zine and, very excitedly, some of the answers gathered will be picked up and explored further by the mighty Truth to Power Café itself – through a live show at Rotherham Civic Theatre.

There are many ways you can approach exploring this question. Your answer can be one that celebrates the powerful and impactful, for example, the influence of a family member on your life and what you’ve learned from them, or it might be a chance to talk to those you feel are accountable for things you want to see changing in the world. The power in question can be anything or anyone – your parents, your town, fashion, food, the environment, a sibling, a politician, a group of people, a neighbour, a religious leader, a teacher. Anything at all goes.

Interested? Then please get in touch! Email truthtopower@hivesouthyorkshire.com with your name, age, the area of Rotherham you live in, and one line about the power you want to speak of or to. We’ll get back to you soon! The deadline is 30th October.

And if you’re 14 to 19, you can also join Rotherham Young Writers (starting late September, details posted here soon)
Truth to Power Café
Truth to Power Café is an internationally acclaimed performance and digital theatre event inspired by the political and philosophical beliefs of Nobel Prize-winning playwright Harold Pinter and his Hackney Gang. The event is told through memoir, image, poetry, music, and film. It’s created, written and performed by Jeremy Goldstein with Henry Woolf and directed by Jen Heyes.

Children’s Capital of Culture 2025
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