Wild Poetry Anthology

We are excited to say, our first young poet’s anthology is here and available to buy! A wonderful gift for poetry and plant lovers!

Wild poetry brings together poetry written by young people (aged from 14 to 25) in celebration of the beauty, mystery and importance of native UK wild plants, flowers, trees and fungi. The poems have been written in response to everything from creative prompts and research (from folklore to biological information), to personal connections, and observing nature up close.

The limited edition book contains 54 poems across 70 pages, with accompanying botanical and historical information for 45 species of flowers, plants, trees and fungi.

Katharine Towers, author of The Remedies:
Painter Georgia O’Keeffe said: “We don’t really notice flowers; they are so small and we are so busy.” The poems in this anthology provide a thrilling counter-blast, bringing us up-close and personal with wild flowers and with feisty weeds defying the urban concrete, with endangered species mourning their kin, and with the first plant to have its genome sequenced.

Entirely modern, and compelling in the boldness and freshness of their language, these are poems that startle and demand to be attended to. Even more remarkable, perhaps, is to find young poets using their close encounters with plants, trees and fungi to ask complex questions about language and to find them somehow answered. 

Buying Wild Poetry

You can buy Wild Poetry in Sheffield at the wonderful All Good Stuff at Butcher Works on Arundel Street, subject to stock – we think they are almost out of books now!
Wild Poetry is a Get Creative Grow Wild UK project. Wild Poetry is a limited edition, not for profit publication.