Writers’ Days

Hive writers’ days give you the opportunity to explore writing forms in more depth and work up-close with emerging and professional writers to develop your writing. They’re also a chance for you to meet other young writers from across the region and get involved in the Hive young writers’ community.

If you have a specific interest in writing, keep an eye on the Hive network for a writers’ day or event that might appeal to you. You can also contact us with a particular interest so we can keep you in the loop for if we might be doing something related.

Who are writers’ days for?

Hive writers’ days are open to usually open to 14 to 25s (sometimes 30s) from across South Yorkshire and nearby, whether you are interested in writing as a hobby or you have serious writing goals. You don’t have to think you’re a great writer to attend a writers’ day, you just need an interest in writing and a willingness to try new things.

Cost: Writers’ days usually cost just £5 or £8 for a full day (with refreshments but not lunch included). This may vary slightly for event to event.

Discounts: Hive is particularly keen to encourage young people who wouldn’t normally access these type of opportunities, and there are always discounts available to support individuals who may be unable to pay in full, or to support travel costs within the region. Get in touch before places fill up if that sounds like you.

For details on our latest Writers’ day, keep an eye on our Opportunities & Events page.