Birdlife – a poetry podcast project

We’re flapping our wings with excitement right now, to bring you….Birdlife – a truly captivating poetry podcast project that saw a flock of talented young poets explore the boundless life of birds in a set of commissioned poems.

Birdlife took us on a wonderful bird walk to Graves Park, Sheffield, with the guidance of the mighty Jim Clarke, ornithologist and all-round wonderfully engaging teacher on all things birds.

We were also lucky enough to have Alistair McGregor, sound specialist, recording the whole experience and picking up a truly spectacular dusk chorus.

Enjoy this wonderful audio podcast filled with so many fascinating facts, stories, folklore, beautiful poems, and endless, glorious birdsong!
(You can listen to specific poems via the time codes below but do keep in mind there might be a pre-story you miss that goes with the poem!) 

(For best sound quality play on a computer or via the podcast channel here)


Dave the Dunnock
Lauren Hollingsworth-Smith (4:40)

Love Me, Fight Me (a little tanka)
Lydia Allison (12:10)

Maia Brown (17:20)

When blackbird calls sound like wolf whistles
Ciah White (20:00)

Luke Worthy (30:45)

King of Birds (The Wren)
Vicky Morris (34:35)

Georgie Woodhead (41:20)

Seeking Goldfinch
Lydia Allison (44:15)

Bird Tour with Jim
Lydia Allison (46:35)

With special thanks to:
Jim Clarke – Ornithologist
Alistair McGregor – Sound production Specialist & co-director of Hybrid3
Vicky Morris – Poet & Facilitator
Poets (as above)

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