Are you a young rapper, MC, lyricist or urban music producer (aged 14 to 30) in Sheffield and the nearby north interested in taking part in Slambarz? If so, get in touch! 

Upcoming events…

  • Slambarz will be at Tramlines on 22nd July. Come down and get signed up for our autumn event at Off the Shelf Festival.
  • Slambarz at the Youth Word Up, Off the Shelf Shelf of Words  (details coming soon)

Slambarz is an urban music events initiative open to young lyricists, rappers and music producers (14+) from across Sheffield and beyond. Urban music forms are often overlooked in their artistry and grassroots culture until commercialised. Slambarz exists to change this, offering a focused outlet for young creatives to develop and showcase their skills and interests in a safe and supportive environment, from lyricism and performance to production. Its events promote inclusiveness, culture, good vibes, healthy competition & live performance, acting as a gateway for both emerging and established role-model artists to come together in their artistry, whilst networking and experiencing aspects of the music industry first-hand.

Slambarz aims to readdress the lack of positive opportunities in this realm, most specifically, for black and working-class boys/young men, offering a focused outlet to develop and showcase skills, gaining paid and further opportunities in recognition of their value.

Young artists receive prizes like studio time, goodie bags and support working towards other events and talent development. Slambarz founder, rapper and poet, Dominic Heslop (Aka #TheOneDevotion), who is also a young steering board member of the Hive network, has been looking to roll out Slambarz as a more regular cultural offer in the city and beyond in South Yorkshire. If you can help, please get in touch with

SLAM BARz comes to you courtesy of young spoken word artist, Dominic Heslop, AKA The Devoted1 (Road Runner), working in partnership with Hive South Yorkshire. Supporting Slambarz much appreciation to Off the Shelf Festival of Words, Sheffield Hallam University Faculty of Development & Society and Northside Media.

Slambarz – seeks sponsorship and partnership support
We know there is an appetite and need for this work following the first series of very successful Slambarz events supported by Hive Young Writers Network, which saw young lyricists, performers, producers, and audiences, from a wide range of backgrounds and interests, come together through positive and focused competition. If you think you can support Slambarz, please get in touch with